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LCD15-0001 utbytes monitor för 15" CRT - Heidenhain TNC 407/410, TNC 416/426, TNC 430 M LCD15-0001 without keyboard

LCD15-0001 utan keyboard BC 120


Replacement monitor for 15″ CRT – Heidenhain TNC407, TNC410, TNC416, TNC426, TNC430M, iTNC530 without keyboard

– BC120

Technical specifications:
Display / resolution 15.0“ TFT full colour active / 1024×768 pixels
Brightness 300 cd/m2
Frequency 15-65 kHz horizontal, 50-75 Hz vertical
Input signal RGB analogue or TTL
Settings via OSD (On Screen Display)
Active area TFT screen 307x 231 mm (W x H)
Housing compatible
Front plate 400 x 350 mm (B x H) with glued protective foil and anti-reflective coated protection plate, up to IP65
Graphics controller TNC 407, TNC 410M, TNC 410C/P, TNC 416, TNC 426M, TNC 430PB,  iTNC 530
Connector 15 pole triple-row HD-SUB jack
Power supply AC 85-240V rubber connector with safety fuse
Temperature range -10 °C to 55°C
Monitor has been manufactured according to CE industry standards, EN55022, EN55024
Order number: LCD15-0001 15,0″ TFT replacement monitor with front plate

Brief description:
This 15.0“ TFT installation monitor has been designed as replacement for 15“ tube monitor BC120 of HEIDENHAIN TNC407, TNC 410M, TNC410C/P, TNC416, TNC426M, TNC430PB control unit. Conversion with plug and play is quick and easy with a few simple steps. Integrated keyboard of the tube monitor will be assembled into the front plate of the TFT replacement monitor.